2 mo.
Helen Hansen
Dear Bodil

It seems as if your daughter gets a little frightened. Should you not do it already, I suggest that you talk to her when you approach her in order for her to be aware that you are near. Make sure to lift her up very quietly and hold her head so that she feels that she is not falling and that you have a good firm grip on her.

It could be a good idea to begin to lay her on her belly everytime when she is awake and you lay her down. Laying her on her belly will help her strenghten her musculature. Try also to lay her belly-down on your forearm as well as on your shoulder when you carry her.

Being carried and rocked will help her stimulate the equilibrium in her inner ear. It is therefore fine to be moved and carried around, which will no doubt help her later on.

I wish you the best of luck :o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen


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