Settling Routine for Two

10 mo.
Settling Routine for Two
Dear Helen

I wonder whether you can advise me how to build up a nice settling routine for both our daughters at ten months and approx. four years old, respectively.

They sleep in the same room, but we do not settle them at the same time, as we have not yet found an appropiated routine for both of them.

Today, our baby girl is being settled with a night bottle feed, a bedtime story together with a song. We tuck her up in her bed, with mummy still in the nursery (previously we have left the nursery for her to fall asleep on her own - which has caused a little weeping. We do know that it would be better to teach her to fall asleep alone without us being in the nursery)

We read a bedtime story for big sister in the living room, then we tuck her up in her bed and she practically asks us to leave the nursery as she would like to go to sleep.

We would so much like to find a routine to settle them both, not only to make it easier for us but also for them to have an enjoyable time together.

Thank you once again for your advice :o)

Best regards
Mother of two



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