Used Voksibags
5 mo.
Used Voksibags
Hi Helen

I consider to buy a used voksibag or similar, and I wonder whether we could face the problem with house dust mites as is the case with e.g. used madrasses? Will house dust mites disappear when you wash or rinse the duvet and the cover?

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Dear Marlene

I do understand that you are looking for used equipment, as bunting bags are usually quite expensive, but still come in very handy:o)

Naturally, you can face the problem with house dust mites in bunting bags, as with duvets, blankets etc. However, can the bunting bag be washed at 60 degrees Celsius, there is no problem at all.

Should you only wash the bunting bag at 40 degrees Celsius, it may be a good idea to put it into the freezer first (should you have a freezer large enough) and then wash it. Freezing the bunting bag will kill various bacteria.

Choose a washing programme where you use lots of water (in other words not an energy saving programme), as the water helps rinse out all droppings.

You should also note that bunting bags come in many different styles at different prices. Some bunting bags can be washed at higher degrees that others ... So I suggest you study the market before you buy, also if you consider to buy a used bunting bag.

I hope you can make use of my reply. I wish you the best of luck:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen