Alternative Cot?
17 mo.
Alternative Cot?
Hi Helen

As you know, we let our son fall asleep in our arms in the nursery. He sleeps through the night, except in periods of teething :-)

On our last vacation, where we settle him fot he night on a mattress on the floor, we experienced that he fell asleep very quickly with me lying beside him ... unfortunately we cannot do the same when using a cot at home.

I would therefore like to know whether you could recommend a secure alternative to a cot, where I can lie down beside him offering him a physical contact until he falls asleep, avoiding this way to let him fall asleep in our arms, teaching him to fall asleep in his own bed.

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Dear Camilla

In fact, some parents use a mattress on the floor for a period of time, with space enough to the baby and a parent, which is a rather secure choice, should the baby roll off the mattres on the floor:o)

Some parents choose to buy a junior bed, which in fact is the same as an adult bed, just smaller in size. Others buy the adult bed right away, which in the long run is the most economic solution, as you will only have to change the mattress according to the weight and support facilities etc.

I recommend the use of a real bed in the long run, as you risk draught lying on the floor. A bed allows you to sit on the bedside eventually teaching your son to fall asleep on his own, reading a bedtime story. At the same time, a real bed provides more security as the child is able to go to mummy's and daddy's bedroom at night, if needed :o)

I hope this is helpful:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen