Clean Pacifiers in the Dishwasher?
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Clean Pacifiers in the Dishwasher?
Hi Helen

I have a short question for you: Can I clean the pacificers/dummies in the dishwasher? If affirmative, should I boil them afterwards?

My daughthers is breast as well as bottle fed. We use glass bottles that are rinsed after use and we clean the bottles as well as the bottle teats in the dishwasher. I cover the clean bottles and teats with a clean dish towel until they are ready for use again. Should I boil the bottles and teats immediately before next use?

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Dear Luise

You can clean pacifiers, bottles as well as bottle teats in the dishwasher. In order to remove soap residuals they should also be boiled. Make sure to remove water (soap residuals) from the inside of the pacifier.

As regards the cleaning of bottle teats I recommend the following procedure:

- Bottle teats of natural rubber should be cleaned with coarse salt and rinsed in cold water. Boil for five minutes.

- Bottle teats may also be washed in water with detergent, then rinsed and boiled for five minutes.

- Bottle teats may also be placed in a special basket with lid and disinfected in the dishwasher or a sterilizer.

Make sure to have clean hands before you dry the clean teats and bottles with a clean dish towel. Put the clean pacifiers in a freezer bag or container with a lid.

When cleaning the pacifiers, squeeze them and rub them gently in order to loosen the milk residuals.

I hope this is helpful and I wish you the best of luck:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen