Fluid Intake
10 mo.
Fluid Intake
Hi Helen

I have another question for you regarding my ten months old son, Sebastian. I am in doubt whether his fluid intake is covered. He seldom drinks from a cup although he can. He prefers the drinking bottles recommended for babies at six months of age.

In the day nursery he is offered a glass, without drinking anything.

I breastfeed him twice a day: 05.00am and 07.30pm before he is settled for the night.

The same goes for his food intake, as he hardly eats during the day in the day nursery.

I thank you in advance for your advice.

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Dear Sophie

It is of course of the utmost importance that your son has his fluid and food intake covered. At child at his age should eat and drink when he is hungry and thirsty. Always see to it offer him healthy and nourishing meals, and remember that sugar decreases the appetite and the willingness to read proper food ... :o)

I recommend that you follow the daily routine indicated below:

Early morning 05.00am: breastfeeding and go back to sleep

Morning 07.30am: oatmeal cereal, water or full cow's milk from a cup

Take him to the day nursery

Late morning 09.00am: ½ bun with butter, cheese, sometimes some marmalade, ½ banana or other kind of fresh fruit, water from a cup

Morning nap

Lunch 11.30am-12.00pm: Rye bread snacks with different kinds of meat etc. together with dinner leftovers, boiled fusilli pasta, potato slices, meatballs (of meat or fish), boiled peas, maize, carrots. Water from a cup

Afternoon nap

Afternoon 03.00pm: Natural yogurt with fruit purée, müsli or similar, ½ bun with butter, cheese, fresh fruit, water from a cup.

Snack before dinner at home: Raw vegetables, peas, maize, carrots, avocado, tomato, cucumber or similar. Water from a cup

Dinner 06-06.30pm: Family dinner, let him eat the same as you have for dinner, rice, pasta, meat, fish, vegetables, sauce. Minced meat is still to prefer. Water or full cow's milk from a cup.

Should your son still seem hungry, offer him some cereal with fruit purée just before bedtime.

07.30-08.00pm: breastfeeding and settle him for the night

As you can deduct from the above the routine includes several snack meals. See to it to bring different snack to the day nursery in order to ensure variation giving him the opportunity to choose what he prefers. Should he find difficulties in drinking from a cup, try offering him a cup with two handles.

Let the day nursery know that needs help to drink, let him also drink from a bottle to cover his fluid intake.

You should also pay attention to how often he urinates :o)

I hope you find the daily routine useful and I wish you and your son the best of luck:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen