Sleep Through the Night without a Breast Feed

6 mo.
Helen Hansen

At your daughter's age it is no longer necessary to be breastfed in the middle of the night, and the best way to cut out the night breast feed is to let her sleep in her own bed so that she cannot smell or feel you.

You should therefore keep settling her for the night in her own bed, this way she learns to fall asleep there. Before you yourself go to bed, you should take her up to give her a good long breast feed to be sure she is satisfied - should she herself wake up it is of course the best, however, she can easily eat while still asleep. Tuck her up in her own bed where she should be able to sleep until early next morning at approx 5-6am ready for another breast feed, where you can breastfeed her in your bed.

Perhaps Daddy could take over at midnight, as your daughther does not connect Daddy with breastfeeding and it should therefore be easier to calm her down. It would also be a good idea not to have her close to you in your bed, as she can smell the milk and will therefore seek the breast more than necessary.

You should of course make sure that she gets enough mild and solids during the day. I do not know whether you have already started on solids, if not, you should start now with preferably 2-3 solids a day. Also see to it to cover her milk need in the daytime.

I wish you and your daughter the best of luck:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen


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