Away from Home - Refuses the Bottle

4 mo.
Helen Hansen
Dear Mie

Some babies just want the real thing, and this is of course quite natural ... :o)

It is very good that you give her mother's milk, thus she will recognise the taste. You could also try another type of bottle as well as teat, e.g. the silicone and natural rubber teats, flat anatomical teats or round shaped teats. Some teats are hard, others are more flexible which could make a difference.

If your daughter uses a dummy, try to find a bottle teat similar to her dummy. I guess you just have to scrutinise the market for different kinds of teats and see what will work for you.

It also depends on the time you will be gone. Daddy could e.g. try offering her some milk from a little cup, a syringe or from a spoon. This way he might be able to give her some milk before you are back for the next breast feed.

You could actually also try finger feeding, which is a technique that allows the baby to suck on the parent's finger, suck milk from a cup via a fine tubing where you use the tube as a straw. Attach the tube to daddy's forefinger. Daddy allows the baby to suck on his finger and milk is delivered through the tubing to the baby ... babies like to suck on the fingers (skin) and not on the bottle teat (rummer). The technique is use in neo-natal clinics :o)

I hope you find the above advices useful, and I wish you the best of luck:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen


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