Expressing Breast Milk and Fungal Infection of the Breast

4 mo.
Helen Hansen
Dear Camilla

As regards storage of the milk, should the mother suffer form a fungal infection of the breast, I have been scrutinising all kinds of litterature, the internet and asked by colleagues, who are experts on breastfeeding, and I am afraid that they do not agree ...

Some experts say that you should avoid freezing breast milk as long as you suffer from a fungal infection of the breast, as fungus spores are likely to survive the freezer. It is recommended not to use the milk as there is a risk that you will pass on the infection.

Other experts say it is quite all right to store and freeze the milk, even though you suffer from a fungal infecetion of the breast. Candida is often is our oral cavity and our surroundings and the milk is digested in the gastrointestinal tract and will not harm the baby.

From the time when I was working as a nurse in the neo-natal clinic, I do not recall any specific restrictions as to the storage of mother's milk in case with fungal infection of the breast. Any milk was precious and used without any problems:o)

As you have already been treated for the fungal infection and as you do not seem to suffer from any infection now, my advice to you is to use the expressed milk. Express the milk according to the general principle - see article "Expressing and Storage of Mother's Milk".

Expressed milk can also be used in the solids, and it would be a gentle transition for your daughters bowels. There are no requirements as to use formula, definitely not, use mother's milk instead. Always remember to add a teaspoonful of fat/oil to the home-made food.

If I have news regarding fungal infection of the breast and expressing and storage of mother's milk, I shall let you know:o)

I hope you find my advice useful.

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen


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