Atopic Dermatitis and Vacaction in sunny Southern Europe

7 mo.
Helen Hansen
Dear Benthe

How wonderful for you to go on a sunny vacaction in the fall:o)

Make sure to give your daughter sun lotion on. Pay attention to the fact that the oily creams may irritate the skin at children suffering from eczema - I recommend that you choose a sun lotion with high moisture content. Also see to it to choose a perfume and parabene less lotion - creams containing carbamid may smart and irritate the skin.

Apart from the sun lotion you should of course also protect her skin using loose-fiting cotton clothes, keep her in the shadow especially in the middle of the day etc. - i.e. follow exactly the same rules as for babies without eczema.

As regards water, bathing and swimming, chlorine may irritate the skin, which you can prevent by using some moisture cream before and after the swim - it is important that you wash her with clean water after a swim in the pool.

In general terms, children suffering from eczema benefit from water, bathing and swimming, as they have bacteria on the skin that may worsen the eczema. It is therefore important to let them bath and swim just as all other children. The only thing you have to be aware of is that the water should not be too warm, and you should not let the child bath just before bedtime where your daughter will be settled under a warm duvet or blanket or similar.

It is important that your daughter's skin is exposed to the air, and in fact, parents often tell me that the sun exposure and bathing and swimming have a good effect on the child's skin, and they experience that the eczema diminish.

I wish you a nice vacation in the sun - enjoy all of you:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen


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