Breastfeeding and Posseting

4 mo.
Helen Hansen
Dear Maibrit

There are no strict rules to follow when your baby has been posseting and when to feed again.

When posseting after a feed, it is often connected with being burped, and the baby brings up a small amount of excessive milk. It is not necessary to breastfeed the baby again, but you could instead offer your son a dummy. Sucking activates the bowels' peristaltic movements and helps transport the milk throughout the system instead of bringing up the milk.

In case your son is posseting heavily in connections with physical activity (play and gambol), he will probably need an extra feed before you can settle him for a nap.

Posseting may look excessive, however, it is often the case that there is still milk left in the stomach. It is hard to tell how much milk is left and it is therefore a good idea to offer a breastfeed and let the baby decide whether he is hungry or not ...

I hope this is helpful, and I wish you a nice weekend :o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen


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