Does he get enough Milk?

2 mo.
Helen Hansen
Dear Heidi

It is quite normal that you experience that the milk production is not sufficient for a period of time and needs to be increased. As the baby grows he needs more milk and he will therefore ask for a breast feed more frequently. By breastfeeding the milk production increases, and you should therefore let him breastfeed as often as he likes.

Make sure that your son is not falling asleep while breastfeeding in order to be sure that he gets enough milk. Offer him the breast more frequently than before, e.g. start breastfeeding him from one breast, then change his nappy, burp him etc., whereafter you offer him the other breast. This way you stimulate both breasts at the same feed.

You may also change between the different breastfeeding positions, as this will also help stimulate the milk production.

Frequent breastfeeding, rest, food and fluid etc. will help stimulate the milk production which usually will increase within 1 1/2 day.

I hope this is helpful:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen


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