Bowel Movements for Breast-fed Babies

2 mo.
Helen Hansen
Dear Stine

Congratulations on your baby girl :o) .

Ennzyme changes in the intestines take place continously and especially at the age at 2 months the bowel movements will have a longer interval than earlier.

The mother's milk contains plenty of nutrients and is practically fully absorbed by the baby, which means that there are hardly no refuses and therefore hardly no bowel movements. Consequently, it is quite normal that the bowel movements for babies will have an interval of 7-10 days.

Pay attention to your daughter's behaviour, her feed intake and if she seems happy and satisfied, whether she has stomach aches and cries a lot, you should offer her some lactulose in order to move the bowels, despite the fact that she is fully breast-fed.

I hope that you find the above of use to you. Best regards :o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen


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