3 mo.
Helen Hansen
Dear Mother

My reply to you depends on the type of stroller.

Your daughter will of course be protected better against wind and rain in a real pram. In a pram you may not risk that your daughter roll off, as a three months old baby may move even in her sleep.

On the other hand, many strollers are of a very high quality and often provide the same security as a pram. Strollers are often more practical when you are up for a trip or when you need to elevate the back a little to improve the breathing.

Make sure the the stroller is padded in the sense that the seat as well as the back are padded, ensuring that she lies better. Also pay attention to the fact that there is air betwen the seat and the frame to avoid bumps in her back when you are out for a stroll ... :o)

As regards elevation of the bedhead or the play pen I find it more practical that you elevate the mattress which often provides a better effect, by placing a small pillow or similar under the mattress.

I hope this is helpful:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen


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