Bicycle Child Seat or Bicycle Trailer

10 mo.
Helen Hansen
Dear Line

You may find advantages and disadvantages using a a bicycle seat as well as a bicycle trailer, your choice should depend on your needs.

At August's age he will easily be able to sit on his own and with the head and back stable enough to sit in a bicycle child seat. The bicycle seat is practical and you can easily attend to him. A bicycle seat is less expensive than a bicycle trailer.

The disadvantages of using a child seat is that he will get wet when it rains. Should you fall, he might be more exposed, the bicycle gets easily unstable when carrying a child in the back ...

The advantage of using a bicycle trailer is that your son is protected against rain and wind. The trailer stabilizes the bicycle much better than is the case with a seat. On the other hand, it is difficult to attend to him, should anything be wrong, and the bicycle trailer is more expensive than a bicycle seat.

You may find a bicycle trailer useful for other purposes, depending on the type of trailer you choose, and the trailer offers the possibility of transporting more than one child.

When buying a bicycle child seat you should choose the seat that offers the best security. Make sure that the child seat is provided with H-straps or Y-straps across the shoulders. Choose a seat with adjustable foot supports and straps for the feet, to ensure that the child's feet will not be caught in the wheel.

Last but not least - remember the helmet. Wearing a helmet is of the outmost importance.

I wish you a safe ride:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen


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