Reddish Rash

14 mo.
Helen Hansen
Dear Sine

I recommend that you have Andreas examined by your GP, as the rash can be caused by several factors.

You inform that he has caught a cold - does he also run a fever? Maybe he has the children's disease three-day-fever, which is a virus that most children (six months to three years of age) will catch. Three-day-fever starts with a high temperature, up to 40C and lasting around three days. Once temperature has dropped, the child develops a rash, that typically spreads to the body and arms and legs, and in rare cases to the face.

The rash is usually small reddish spots perhaps with small heads and lasting 12-14 hours. The rash is usually not itchy, and the disease does not require any kind of medication.

I hope your son gets better soon:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen


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