Plum Purée or Lactulose

5 mo.
Helen Hansen
Dear Ulla

Generally, I think that you should always regulate your son's stomach by variating the food, i.e. you should give him cereal and vegetable purée and offer him different kinds of fruit purée as topping or dessert after a complete vegetable feed. You should also give him water from a cup as extra fluid also has a good effect on inspissated faeces.

In other words, it is the variation in the food and the fluid intake that it is important. It is therefore generally recommended that maximum two of the daily meals should be cereal. From the age of 6 months you should offer him the multigrain cereals. See to it that he gets different kinds of vegetable purée. Two solids a day should comprise one cereal meal, sometimes with a topping of fruit purée, and one meal of vegetable purée.

Plum purée used as topping on the cereal is also fine - you should also try other types of fruit purée. Plum or any other kind of fruit purée should not create a lazy bowel.

If you cannot regulate his stomach by a variated food intake, it would be correct to give your son lactulose. Lactulose softens the stools and do not affect the bowel peristaltic. This is exactly why lactulose is preferred when you will not risk a lazy bowel.

Neither plum purée nor lactulose should create a lazy bowel.

I hope you can make use of my reply and wish you a nice weekend.

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen


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