Powder or Zinc Ointment?

14 mo.
Helen Hansen
Dear Charlotte

Zinc ointment is recommended for red and irritated skin. The ointment protects the skin and provides oil and care at the same time. Apply a thin layer on the clean and dry skin at every nappy change until the skin has recovered its natural colour. Zinc ointment and other ointments are often water-repellent, protecting the skin from the acid from urine and stools.

Baby powder is generally used when the skin is warm and moist and you wish to keep the skin smooth and dry. Baby powder also has a cooling effect in case of irritated skin. Baby powder is very good to use for very fat children, as it can help keep the skin dry, should the baby tend to have moist in the skin folds. Sometimes powder sits in small lumps, and consequently may harm more than help... Powder does not have a protecting effect towards acide from urine and stools.

In general you should not use powder, ointment nor cream, only for a short period of time if the baby has a special need. The baby skin is natural and fine and does not need any kind of extra treatment. Besides, it is very important that you chose products without perfume or any other harmful substances.

I hope you find my reply satisfactory:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen


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