Small Traces of Blood in the Urine

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Helen Hansen
Dear Parents

Congratulations on your baby boy! I do understand that you feel a little unsecure and confused in the actual situation, and I hope I can help you relax :o).

Newborn babies urinate in small quantities, and sometimes it is difficult to see how much the baby in fact urinates. The first couple of days the urine is concentrated, and some salts, also called crystals, are excreted, which you can see as orange or red stains in the nappy. It is quite harmless and has nothing to do with blood. It is a sign that the kidneys have started to function, and consequently red colour is excreted.

Concurrently with your son is getting more and more food, and the milk rises, his urine will become more and more clear, and the urine crystals will disappear.

As regards a newborn baby's bowel movement, it is much preferred that the baby has his first bowel movements within the first 24 hours after the birth. The first stool is greenish-black and sticky, and is called meconium. The same goes for the stool, as your son is eating more food, and the milk rises, he will move his bowels, and the stool consistency and color will change from black to brown to greenish, then curry yellow, and finally real yellow - when the stool has become yellow it is a sign that the milk production is about to reach the necessary level.

I presume that your son has been thouroughly examined by the pediatrician before you were discharged from the hospital. You also inform that your son has had his first bowel movements jsut after his was born. Consequently, it seems as if the stomach is working well and that you should see to it to breastfeed him as much as possible - the more milk you produce, the more it will affect his urine and stool.

I wish you and your son the best of luck :o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen


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