Cream - with or without Water?

6 mo.
Helen Hansen
Dear Trine

There are severel kinds of skin care products in the market, and you may find it difficult to decide which cream to use for your baby. The choice depends on skin type, season of the year etc.

There are 4 types of skin care products: lotion, cream, ointment and oil.

Lotion often contains more water than cream, consequently use lotion for dry skin. Do not use lotion for skin areas exposed to frosty weather, due to the high content of water.

Cream contains approx. 20-30 % of oil, and the evaporation is therefore not very high. At the same time, cream is easy to rub into the skin due to the rather high water content.

Ointment contains approx. 70 % of oil. The high oil content activates the skin to regenarate, which is important if the skin is dry or your baby suffers from e.g. impetigo.

Oil or vaselin, e.g., contains 100 % of oil. Oil forms a film on the skin to prevent evaporation. Oil is used at night for babies with very dry skin.

The face will often need extra care during the winter, and I recommend that you choose a cream with a nourishing and protecting effect. Choose a cream with a high oil content, as a high water content will harm the skin in frosty weather.

A baby with a normal skin will generally need a little extra care, and a cream with a 30 % oil content is recommended.

For the summer months, where weather is warm, I recommend that you use a lotion or a cream with a high water content for the skin to be able to breathe.

Always buy a perfume-free product with no preservative that may have a hormone-disruptive effect.

I hope this is helpful:O)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen


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