Low Weight Increase

2 mo.
Helen Hansen
Dear Maria

Congratulations on your baby girl:o)

I am afraid that I have to say that your daughter's weight increase is too low. In average, a baby should have a weekly weight increase of approx. 200 g. It is quite normal to loose weight after the birth, however, the baby should regain the loss at ten days of age.

Your daughter has an average weight increase of 70 g which is far too low:o(

I presume that you breastfeed, and your daughter may use a wrong suckling technique with the consequence that she does not empty and stimulate your breast correctly. I guess that you need to increase your milk production and that you have to breastfeed her more frequently.

I also find it necessary that your daughter gets more milk and I therefore recommend that you give her a supplement of formula after each breast feed. You may also substitute one to two breast feeds with a bottle of formula.

Let me know whether you need advice as to how to increase the milk production, supplement with bottle etc.

I wish you and your daughter the best of luck.

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen


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