No Breast Feeds during the Night - Daily Feeding Routine?

8 mo.
Helen Hansen
Hi again

As you breast feed four times during the day it seems to me that your son's milk intake is covered. Besides, he also giets milk through the solid meals, in the cereal, purée etc., and he will also get milk and calcium from the sauce, cheese and the rest of the ordinary family food. It is quite all right to give him extra milk in terms of cold formula from a cup instaed of full cow's milk.

However, I guees your son would need something to drink, as sleeping from 7pm to 6am is a long time when you are only eight months old. Some babies at that age will be able to sleep through the night without having something to drink, others will not. It is therefore important that you offer him some water, if he wakes up and seems thirsty - he does not need milk, however.

The feeding routine for the day looks just fine, to me it seems as if your son's food need is covered and that his food intake corresponds to his age.

I wish you and your son the best of luck:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen


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