Contact with the Unborn Baby

0 mo.
Helen Hansen
Dear Eva

I am afraid that I have not learnt of any kind of communication with the unborn baby. However, it is commonly known that babies inside the mother's womb already can hear the parent's voices, and there is no doubt that it is a good idea to talk and sing to your baby etc. Studies have been carried out that prove that babies do recognize a tune after they are born that may help them to settle, if the parents during pregnancy have played and sung a tune over and over again.

I have also heard of other studies that prove that first time the baby inside your womb hears the noise of e.g. the vacuum cleaner, is very frigthened. Listening to the same noise several times and getting used to a specific noise, however, the baby does no longer get affected to the same extent. This proves that the baby is capable of using his memory.

I am sure that a lot of other studies have been carried out, and I suggest that you visit the local public libray or search the internet to get more information on the matter.

As regards communication with your baby, there is a specific system which is used in children with specific speaking problems caused by e.g. down syndrome or autism.

I hope this is helpful, otherwise you have to ask your friend once again:o)

I wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy.

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen


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