Long haul Flight

17 mo.
Helen Hansen
Dear Maj

I suggest you bring some new and exciting toy for him to play with. Pack a small backpack for him with small surprises and gifts. Wrap the gifts in paper, this way he spends time by opening them. See to it not to bring things that are very small, you will risk to loose, as the plane does not leave too much space to play on ... :o)

Also bring small boxes of raisins or a mandarin or similar that will take some time to eat.

I also suggest jigsaws with big wooden pieces, books, finger puppets, painting book and paint pens, avoid ink and similar that may come off on clothes and seats etc. Games corresponding to his age are also a good idea, a magnetic board etc.

I hope you find my suggestions helpful, and I would also like to add that you should see to it keep him physically active while waiting in the airport, this way you may be lucky that he will fall asleep in the place.

Have a safe journey :o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen


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