Breastfeeding and Returning to Work

6 mo.
Breastfeeding and Returning to Work
Hi Helen

Thank you for your assistance in relation to Asger and his night's sleep. He is now able to sleep until approx. 6.30am with a breast feed at about 5am. He still wakes up much too often just to be comforted, but we have to take one step at a time ...

In March I shall return to work, and my husband will then take his paternity leave, which we both look very much forward to. However, I am worried about the breastfeeding ...

When I return to work Asger will be eight and a half months old, and he will still need milk from the breast or the bottle ... I will be working in the daytime and sometimes in the night, i.e. once a week I will be away from the home from approx. 3pm to 10am the next morning. I will not have time to express breast milk. Do you think I can continue breastfeeding?

Asger has never been fond of drinking formula from a bottle, regardless of which type of bottle we have used, however he drinks water as well as expressed milk.

I do not know what to expect, do you have any experience on the matter? Should we try offering him the bottle again before I return to work?

Best regards Lisbeth



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