Bowel Movement when I Change his Nappy

4 mo.
Bowel Movement when I Change his Nappy
Hi Helen

My 4 1/2 months old son has started on solids, i.e. cereal and gruel. His stools have become more firm, and he has bowel movements every second day. I breastfeed him the remainder of the day.

Only once has he had bowel movements in his nappy, otherwise it is always when I am changing his nappy. I often sense when it is time and I usually help him a little massaging around his navel and doing cycling movements with his legs. Then I push his legs up over his tummy, he often starts to break wind where after the stools pass.

My husband told me yesterday that it is rather silly that I help him pass the stools, he needs to learn to do it himself ... do I do him a disservice and is bowel movement every second day normal or should it be every day?

He has 2 cereal meals a day, in total approx. 1 dl a day - besides approx. 150 ml of gruel. The rest of the feeds are breast feeds.

Only once it has seemed as if it was painful for him to pass the stools, and I gave him a spoonful of prune purée on top of the cereal. His stools are firm but not hard.

Best regards



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