No Breast Feeds during the Night - Daily Feeding Routine?

8 mo.
No Breast Feeds during the Night - Daily Feeding Routine?
Hi again ...

Just a short question ... as I breastfeed in the time between approx. 6.30pm to 6am, I am a little in doubt whether our son gets enough milk the remaning twelve hours of the day ..

The routine for the day:

6am - breast feed
7am - breakfast (1 dl of oatmeal cereal with shredded apple and water from a cup)
9am - morning snack (Half a bun with butter, fruit (banana, apple, pear) and water from a cup, breast feed and settle for a nap
9.30-11.am - morning nap
11.30am - noon - lunch (boild vegetables, dark bread with a slice of meat or similar, water from a cup)
1.30pm - breast feed and settle for a nap, if necessary 1 dl of cereal depending on the lunch quantity and the time for same
1.30-2.30/3pm - afternoon nap
3.30-4pm - 1 dl of cereal or half a bun with butter, fruit and water from a cup
5.30pm - dinner and water from a cup
6.30/7pm - breast feed and settle for the night
7pm-6am - no breastfeeding, but sometimes water from a cup
At present he wakes up two times a night.

The morning and the afternoon naps are never at the same time each day. One day he sleeps one hour during the morning and two hours during the afternoon, the next day 45 minutes and one hour, regardless of whether he has been eating much or less or whether he has been sleeping during the night ...

Within the next week I have planned to try to give him formula milk from a cup (and for the cereal) for breakfast as well as for dinner and then see how his stomach reacts. Then, after af while, little by little, we can go back to full cow's milk. I do not wish to have any relapse ...



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