Sleep Through the Night

7 mo.
Sleep Through the Night
Hi Helen

Here is another question for you. Our son is almost 7 months old, has three solids a day and approx. 795 ml of milk, together with some soft fruit served as finger food.

For the past two and a half weeks I have been practising cut out the 03am bottle feed. He has a bottle feed at midnight, wakes up in the middle of the night but goes quickly back to sleep when I give him the dummy.

I cannot understand why he "only" sleeps for 5 hours at a time instead of 6 hours, as I have read somewhere ... if he has a bottle feed at 11pm he wakes up at 04am, and if he has a bottle feed at midnight he wakes up at 05am. Sometimes he only sleeps 4 hours.

If he "only" sleeps 5 hours, I caress him, give him his dummy, and if he is crying I offer him some water. However, I always end up (after 30-45 minutes of trying) giving him a bottle feed - is this correct or what should I do?

Sometimes I think he will never learn ;), but never say never!

Regards Linda



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