The Correct Settling Routine?

7 mo.
The Correct Settling Routine?
Hi Helen

My seven months old daughter still sleeps in our bed. My daughter and I travel a lot, since we live in England and go to Denmark once a month, where we often live different places. As I am the parent who is always together with her it makes sense that she sleeps with me. It works fine and she falls easlily asleep.

I settle her for the night at approx. 08.00pm (bathing, bedtime story, breastfeeding), and she usually sleeps until 05.00-06.00am, where I breastfeed her and she goes back to sleep for a couple of hours.

I would like to move her to sleep in her own bed. I have tried a couple of times, but she does not seem to understand why she all of a sudden has to lie alone in her own bed. I usually stand beside her bed and hold her with my hands talking quietly.

We have not found a solution that seems to work fine for both of us, as we have removed the slats on one side of her cot and moved her cot close to our bed. She does distinguish her own bed and ours. I almost always settle her while breastfeeding which makes it difficult to settle her in her own bed before she falls asleep. In the daytime I have often succeeded that she falls asleep in her own bed, with me beside her, and I am thinking of introducing a night bottle feed instead of a breast feed.

What is your opinion?

Best regards



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