Required Milk Need

7 mo.
Required Milk Need
Hi Helen

I have a question re milk.

You informed me earlier that a 7 months old baby needs 750 ml of milk a day and approx. 600 ml a day at the age of 8 months.

My son has 2-3 breast feeds a day - approx. 50-100 ml. I am not sure of the exact quantity per feed, but when I breastfed him 100 % he had 70 ml at each feed. He gets 240 ml of gruel in the evening and approx. 50-100 ml of full cow's milk in the cereal. He sleeps through the night 08pm-07am without having a milk feed:o)

A typical feeding routine for the day looks, as follows:

07.30am - cereal

09am - fruit pure

10am - breastfeeding

11am - I settle him for his first nap, since he started to sleep through the entire night, he is not tired before approx. 11am

Noon - vegetable pure and rye bread snacks (he has been able to chew for quite some time, but I continue giving him pure at first and then rye bread later, this way I am sure that he gets enough to eat.

02pm - multi-grain cereal with fruit pure, followed by breastfeeding

03pm - afternoon nap

05pm - breastfeeding

06pm - vegetable pure

07.30pm - gruel

Would you recommend an extra milk feed? When? ... if I replace one of the solids for a milk feed, I am not sure that he will sleep through the night. He eats quite a lot when I offer him a solid meal.

Best regards



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