Here we go again

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Here we go again
Hi Helen

I contacted you just before Christmas re my HSG examination that proved that my fallopian tube were closed. My husband and I talked it over and we agreed to start on fertilizing treatment (I would rather spend 3 tests now than be regretting in 5 years from now that we did not give it a try).

We contacted a fertilizing clinic in January and started treatment almost immediately afterwards. We started down-regulation in February without any severe problems, and 2 weeks later I started the stimulating ovulation programme which generated 11 ova of which 7 ova were inseminated. Today I had a bloodtest, which proved that I am pregnant. However, the hCG number did not seem to be as high as expected (56 % instead of 75 %). This morning I had to have another bloodtest and I got the result shortly before noon that the nCG number is 154 %! Yes I AM really pregnant. I am so very happy and I suceeded getting pregnant on the first try!

However, I have started to get a little nervous, I have this well-known lower back pain together with a small "thinned" spotting. And I do know that this is not necessarily a sign that there is anything wrong, but I cannot help speculating ...

On the 30th of April I have my first scan at the clinick which I look very much forward to, as I will get to know whether the foetus is right where it is supposed to be, whether there are more than one foetus.

I just wanted to keep inform you how things are progressing right now, and I will probably contact you again ...

I take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful website.



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