Phthalates in Baby Clothes
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Phthalates in Baby Clothes
Hi Helen

I do not know whether you can help me, but I would like to give it a try ;-)

I recently read an article on the internet regarding toxic substances (phthalates) in baby clothes. A couple of popular brands were mentioned, the article was from 2006. Do you know whether there are still phthalates in baby clothes?

I tried to find some answers on the internet but without any luck.

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Dear Charlotte

I cannot comment on any specific brands of baby clothes whether they should contain phthalates or not.

Phthalates are plasticisers used to soften the plastic (PVC), and much attention has been given to the phthalates and the content of phthalates in toys for children. The use and sale of phthalates in toys for children under 3 years is restricted in Denmark.

As regards textiles, phthalates are also used in baby clothes, e.g. in rainwear as well as in clothes with prints, i.e. small pictures on the front of a t-shirt, logos, monograms, etc. Some PVC-prints are thick to be more impressive, some are thin as paint.

The best way to avoid PVC, phthalates and other deleterious chemicals in textile is to buy clothes marked with the EU's approved eco-labels. You can also find help on, the Danish Ministry of the Environment.

I hope you can make use of my reply:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen