Breastfeeding at Night
7 mo.
Breastfeeding at Night
Hello again

I forgot to ask you one question. My daughter is also breastfed at 3am. She has a bottle feed at 10pm when I go to bed so that I will not be waked up 30-60 minutes after having fallen asleep. She then sleeps for 5 hous, which is great. She will soon be 7 months old so should we expect a longer sleep than 5 hours?, and how do we change her sleep cycle, should we e.g. prefer to move the morning feed to 4-4.30am?

The thing is that for the time being she wakes up at 2.40am and I will then try to wait until 3am before I feed her ... should I offer her water in stead or may she at all be hungry at this hour?

Best regards Lisbeth

Helen Hansen

Dear Lisbeth

Following the routine I have just sent you and as your daughter eats approx. 750ml a day, it seems really fine to try to move the night feed or alternatively offer her water in stead.

To sleep through the night means to sleep 5-7 hours wihout feeding, i.e. should you offer her a bottle feed at 10-11pm, you should work on changing her sleep cycle to sleep until 5am.

This means than when she wakes up you will not automatically offer her milk or water, but in stead try to help her change position, tuck her, lull her, hold her hand, etc. - everything that helps her find peace and go back to sleep. Alternatively, you can offer her water, should she seem thirsty.

... and some times it might be a good idea to let Daddy take over at night, as the baby does not associate Daddy with breastfeeding or milk.

Pay attention to how much your daughter sleeps - perhaps it is time to let her sleep in her own room, if possible. This means that some times it will take a little longer before you react to her nightly sounds, thus she gets the opportunity to go back to sleep on her her and this way learn to have a more continous sleep.

I hope my reply will clear things up a little:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen