Number of Breast Feeds per Day
6 mo.
Number of Breast Feeds per Day
Dear Helen

I have a short question for you.

How many breast feeds do babies at 6 to 12 months of age need a day?

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Dear V

Most babies at 6 months of age need 5-6 breast feeds a day, together with 2-3 solids.

At the age of 7 months 4 breast feeds a day are often adequate and the baby will often have 3-4 solids together with some fruit, bread crusts and similar as snacks between the meals.

At the age of 8 to 9 months 3 breast feeds will often be enough to cover the daily milk requirement, and the baby will have solids more or less as the rest of the family.

At the age of 10 to 12 months 2 breast feeds a day will often be enough and the baby will often also have yoghurt natural or similar during the day.

Besides the breast feeds the baby will also have milk in the cereal and the puree, in the gravy, yoghurt natural and other dairy products, and all together the daily milk intake is thus covered.

At the age of 12 months you can still breast feed your baby once a day, often as part of the settling routine, as long as both the mother and the baby enjoy the routine.

I hope my reply clears things up a little:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen