Suddenly refuses to take the Dummy
4 mo.
Suddenly refuses to take the Dummy
Hi Helen

Ever since my twins were born they have been very fond of their dummies, however, the last two weeks my 4 months old son does no longer want his dummy. He gets absolutely mad.

We have tried to replace the dummy with a new one, but without any luck. He sometimes sucks on the back of his hand in his sleep, but gets very angry as it does not feel right. He is developing very fast right now (which is quite trying), and it would therefore be very comforting for him to have his dummy.

He still wants the bottle, and we have checked whether there is something in his mouth that might irritate bim, but cannot see anything.

He has been so fond of his dummy, so we do not understand at all!!!

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Dear Rikke

It is difficult to say what is wrong, however, as your son does seem to seek and wants to suck and still wants his bottle but not his dummy, it seems to me that he might need a little extra milk ... i.e. he seeks the milk, and not the dummy, when he sucks, which is naturally anoying, as nothing gets out.

I therefore suggest you to try to increase his milk intake a little and then wait and see whether he little by little will accept the dummy again, when he is satisfied and calm and needs the suck a little in order to go to sleep.

I wish you and your twins the best of luck:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen