Number of Breast Feeds
10 mo.
Number of Breast Feeds
Dear Helen

Thank you for your reply I received some time ago. It was fortunately only for a short period of time that our baby girl did not want to eat while settled for the night. I breastfeed both of them, and we have cut back to two breastfeeds in the morning and the evening. They are thriving and all in all I have two happy girls and soon will be ready for day-care.

There is just one thing I would like to know: May I cut back on the morning breast feed now that they are 11 1/2 months old? (they are still 1 months premature) or should I continue with two breast feeds until 12 months? I have read that you recommend two bottle feeds until the age of 12 months, but what about breast feeds?

It would be great whether I could cut back the morning breast feed now that we have to get up early and eat breakfast before leaving the house.

Best regards
The Twin Mother

Helen Hansen

Dear Twin Mother

In general it is a good idea to maintain the two breast feeds a day until the age of 12 months, however not necessarily evening and early morning, but evening and late night ...

I do understand that you prefer to breastfeed only once a day, which is quite all right if you at the same time give some formula in the cereal or from a cup in connection with the breast feed. You do not need to introduce the bottle at your daughters' age, as long as you are sure that you cover their milk needs by combing the breast feed with some formula or full cow's milk. You may also give then some yoghurt natural, cheese, sauce on the purée, etc.

The two bottle feeds a day, 400ml of formula, cover the iron needs. If you breastfeed you give a daily iron supplement.

I wish you and your twin daughters the best of luck:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen