Solid Food and Sleep Pattern
7 mo.
Solid Food and Sleep Pattern

Further to our question re above we would also like to know something about the correct quantity of food for our twins. The thing is that they have bowel movement at least three times a day .... The stools are not thin or anything, it just seems that digestion is good!

We read one of your replies re sleep pattern and noticed that you recommended to cut out the late bottle/breast feed when you settle your baby for the night. The baby in question was 9 months old, so we would like to know when it is time to cut out the night milk feed?

Helen Hansen

Dear parents

First of all, it is better that your babies have bowel movements a couple of times a day than to have stomach problems such as constipation and stomach aches. On the other hand, they should not have diarrhoea or stools that are too loose - should this be the case it might be relevant to look at the composition of food.

It is often a good idea that maximum 2 of the daily solid meals are cereal and that the rest of the solids are vegetable purée. You should also take a look at the quantity of fruit and fruit purée, as too much fruit might cause a loose stools.

I guess that the feeding schedule I sent you in my last reply to you will be a good guidance as the daily variation of food for your 7 months old babies.

As regards the bottle feed for the late night feed I suggest that you by now try to settle your babies for the night before they have fallen asleep. In other words, you should see to it that they still get their bottle in order to meet their milk need (approx. 4 bottles a day would be enough for a 7 months old). It is important that your babies do not fall asleep with the bottle in the mouth or in your arms and are not moved when they are already asleep. You should give them the chance of register where they are settled - and then let them fall asleep without being dependent on the bottle. This way they will be able to go back to sleep on their own, once they, due to the phase shift in the sleep rhythm, have been awake for a little while.

I hope you find the above advice useful, and I wish you and your babies the best of luck:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen