Can Mummy's Stomach Problems affect the Breast Milk Production?
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Can Mummy's Stomach Problems affect the Breast Milk Production?
Hi Helen

I have suffered some stomach problems for a while now, and I wonder whether my stomach problems might affect my baby?

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Dear Anne

In general, your stomach problems will not affect your baby, however, this depends of course on the nature of your stomach problems.

Should your stomach problems be related to your food intake, it might affect your baby, as part of your food intake is excreted in the mother's milk. This is also the case if you have been taken penicillin in connection with a disease, as it is a known fact that the mother's intake of pinicillin might cause loose stools for the baby.

It is also quite common that should a mother eat food that generates wind, the baby will suffer from collic; on the other hand I have never heard about mothers who suffer from constipation whose babies also suffers from constipation ...,

You do not specify your stomach problems, but it is quite all right for your to breastfeed should you have caught a cold, have the flu, etc.

I hope you find my reply useful, and I wish you the best of luck:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen