Bowel Movements
1 mo.
Bowel Movements
Dear Helen

After two weeks of much screaming and crying during the evening I tried to give my daughter a bottle of formula, which at first sight seems to solve our problem. I breastfeed her without problems until approx. 6pm, then she takes approx. 250ml of formular until approx. 10pm. She is settled for the night and sleeps until approx. 2am where I breastfeed her every secon hour the rest of the night.

BUT! she has not had any bowel movements since the 26th of December, is this ok? She breaks the most horrible winds which make her feel a little uncomfortable, otherwise she does not seem to have a stomachache.

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Dear Louise

You have not informed about your daugther's weight, and I do not know her milk needs. To me it seems that 250ml of formula is not very much which is probably why she does not have bowel movement everyday. Should you not breastfeed her, it would be quite a different situation, but since you still breastfeed her, the quantity of mother's milk excede the quantity of formula, and an interval of several days between the bowel movements is quite normal.

At first sight, always pay attention to her general well-being, does she seem to be in pain and cries every time she has bowel movements, she needs treatment and you should give her some lactulose. 1 ml per kilo weight, and I suggest that you divide the dosage in two, i.e. if your daughter weighs 5 kilos, give her 2 1/2 ml in the morning and 2 1/2 ml again in the evening.

Give her some massage, place two fingers around the navel and massage in small circular movements to the right. Help her move her legs in circular movements too, bent and stretch the legs, help her break a wind.

When being breastfed as well as bottle fed, most babies will have their bowels moved every 3-4 day, some every 7 day, and if the baby is thriving with this interval, it is quite all right. However, I do not think an interval between the bowel movements of more than 10 days, which is why I recommend that you try the lactulose. If the condition does not respond to this treatment, be sure to inform your pediatrician:o)

Perhaps she has already had a bowel movement by now?

I wish you and your daughter the best of luck and a Happy New Year:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen