Breastfeed when needed or every Three Hours?
4 mo.
Breastfeed when needed or every Three Hours?
Hi Helen

I have a question for you.

I breastfeed Valdemar (17 weeks old) every three hours or so, however, he is not seeking my breast, this is just a routine established by me.

I am in doubt, however, whether this is correct or whether I should wait breastfeed him until he aks for a feed ...

What is your opinion?

I would like to add that Valdemar eats very fast -ever since he was born he has been able to empty the breast in 6-7 minutes.

Regards Maibrit

Helen Hansen

Dear Maibrit

At first sight, I recommend that you should feed your baby according to his needs, in this case (17 weeks old), Valdemar would normally be in need of a feed every 3-4 hours, and your routine seems reasonable. I am sure that should you not offer him a feed, he would be whimpering and restless showing that he is hungry.

It is often the case that babies at the age of 4 months will need extra food, and you will therefore experience that he will begin to ask for a feed himself. By being whimpering and seeking the breast, you will breastfeed him more often and increase the milk production.

At the same time, you should see to it that you breastfeed him a little longer in the daytime, as he will then move his longer nap and sleep perhaps 5 hours at night, preferably between 11pm-4am.

As both of you seem to be thriving, I will not recommend that you change the breastfeeding routine. You have to believe that Valdemar will eat when you offer him the breast and refuses the breast in case he is not hungry. However, I do not recommend that you breastfeed him every 3 hours during the night, as it is much better that he sleeps a little longer if possible - this would be better for both of you. See to it that he still needs 6 feeds a day.

Hope this is helpful, I wish you the best of luck.

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen