Number of Breast Feeds A Day
6 mo.
Number of Breast Feeds A Day
Dear Helen

Seamus is now six months old and is thriving just fine. He has started to gain weight again, and weighs now 8.2 kilo, 71cm long (birth weight 3.150 g / length 50 cm). He has 3 solids a day, which he loves. He eats approx. 1 dl at each feed, water or formula (approx. 60-70ml) from a cup.

I check up on the advices you give to other mothers as regards food/milk intake, and I do not breastfeed as much as recommended by you. I offer him a breast feed 5-6 times a day, however, at every second breast feed he seems not to be interested. He suck a little, bites me and then laughs - he is obviously not hungry.

I guess that he gets what he needs as he is happy and thriving. It is at the same time each day that he refuses to eat - should I keep offering him my breast or should I not worry about it? Should I offer him a cup of formula or would it affect the milk production?

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Dear Bonnie

You are absolutely right, your son is able to regulate his own milk intake, and when you offer him your breast and he refuses while smiling, it is a sign that he is not hungry.

The more you give him of other kinds of food - formula, solids etc. the less breastfeeding, the less milk production. The milk production depends on how often he is breastfed, which means that if you offer him your breast and he drinks for a short while, this might influence the milk production, should you not offer him your breast at all.

In general I would say that 5-6 breast feeds a day for a 6 months old baby is fine. However, some babies only have 4 breast feeds a day, together with solids, but I do not think that you should breastfeed less than 4 times a day. See to it to cover his milk intake and that the milk intake excedes the solids.

Hope this is helpful. I wish you the best of luck:o)

I cannot tell you whether there might be a long term effect. Some women experience that the milk production is reduced considerably in case the baby does not breastfeed often. Consequently, some babies stop breastfeeding. Other women experience no difference, milk production is the same even though the baby does not breastfeed very often.

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen