Increasing Stomachace - Lactose?
1 mo.
Increasing Stomachace - Lactose?
Dear Helen

I am the mother of a fine baby girl, who in general is thriving just fine, except for the fact that she is restless and crying in the evening, which I primarily think is stomachache. She cries in turns, bending and lifting her legs up towards the tummy, often breaking noisy winds.

She has bowel movements very seldom, it has now been 2 weeks. She is fully breastfed, with eight breast feeds a day. Birth weight 3850g, length 53cm, at six weeks she weighs 4740g, length 56cm.

I try to calm her down in the baby sling, which is the only way to relieve the discomfort. I massage her stomach, make cycling movements with her legs - what else can be done? What about lactose? When she eventually has bowel movements, the stools are very loose.

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Dear Astrid

Congratulations on your baby girl:o) I definitely think that you should try lactose.

Long intervals between the bowel movements for a breastfed baby is very common, as the baby absorb all substances from the mother's milk, and not many residuals are left. If your daughther is thriving, eating well, gaining weight, seems happy, an interval between the bowel movements of 7-10 days is quite normal. However, despite being fully breastfed, some babies tend to suffer from constipation, and should the baby cry a lot, as is the case for you, and show obvious signs of stomachache, it is important to keep the bowels active.

I therefore recommend that you offer her some lactose twice a day - give her 2-2 1/2 ml at morning and night and see how she reacts. Lactose has a emollient effect on the stools to make them pass easier, and does not affect the bowel movements. Although her stools are loose it is likely that some stools are left in the bowel, which makes her uncomfortable, and the lactose will help. It is difinitely worth trying.

See to it that you regulate the dosage according to how her stomach reacts. You can also give her the lactose via a disposable syringe or on a spoon.

I wish you and your daughter the best of luck:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen