Does he need a Food Supplement?
3 mo.
Does he need a Food Supplement?
Hi Helen

I have previously written to you regarding my son's sleep (we live in Finland). He will soon be three months, is thriving and takes three naps in the daytime, as recommended by you, sometimes for a short while, sometimes for longer. Depending on when he wakes up in the morning (sometimes at 6am, sometimes not before 7.30am) and how late he has his afternoon nap, I settle him for the night between 7-9pm. He sleeps until 11pm, where I wake him up in order to avoid that he wakes up an hour later.

Then he sleeps for three to four hours. From now on he wakes up every hour until morning, and I breastfeed him every time. He sleeps in his own bed, which he seems to like. As he is a big boy, he weighs a little more than 7 kilos, lenght 65cm, I wonder whether a supplement (formula)would make him sleep longer during the night. Is it all right to wake him up before I go to bed?

Best regards Malene

Helen Hansen

Dear Malene

It seems as if you and your son have established a good routine corresponding to his age.

Pay attention to the fact that at your son's age, it is often necessary to increase the milk production. He is a big boy, and his milk intake increases all the time. Eating frequently during the night may be a sign that he needs more milk, as frequent breastfeeding increases the milk production. Besides, the milk stimulating hormone increases during the night, and by breastfeeding at night increases even more.

I also suggest that you try to breastfeed him more frequently in the daytime in order to increase the milk production, should this not be possible, should you not feel like it, it is quite all right to offer him a bottle of formula.

Formula often satisfies more than mother's milk. the half-life of breast milk is 48 minutes, and 78 minutes for formula, and you may experience an effect by offering your son a bottle of formula late evening, but I cannot give you any gurantee .. after all he sleeps 4 hours upon the 11pm breast feed ...

I think you should give it a try:o) As to the waking him up at 11-12pm, I guees you do not need to do so much longer. Take him in your arms, offer him a breast or bottle feed (perhaps daddy could give him the bottle feed, if you need to go to bed early), and your son will probably fall asleep while eating.

I hope this helps to sleep longer. I wish you the best of luck:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen