Breastfeeding at Night
9 mo.
Breastfeeding at Night
Dear Helen

I take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent advice. After only three days we managed to go back to the old routine where Seamus is settled for the night without any problems.

However, I still miss sleeping through the entire night, and I would therefore like to have your advice.

Seamus eats well during the day. Most days he has approx. 8 dl cereal/purée/solids in 5 meals. Besides, I offer him 3 breast feed and I convince him to have the fourth breast feed. He is not very big - weight almost 9 kg, length 75-76 cm (he will be nine months old in a few days).

Breastfeeds at 08-09am, 07pm, midnight, 04am. He drinks very little at the feeds at 08-09am, 07pm and 04am.

The breastfeed at 04am is where the problem lies. I have tried to breastfeed him before I go to bed, to move the midnight feed, to only have 1 night feed. Very seldom I succeed in getting him to sleep until 02am, and then he does not wake up before 06am, when we get out of bed. Most of the nights he wakes up at 04am insisting on being breastfeeded. He is not really hungry, but he does not want water, nor the dummy nor to be caressed or anything.

My question is whether this phase will pass automatically or whether I should do something to make it pass. I definitely do not think that I can make him eat more during the day, as he is already eating quite a lot.

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Dear Bonnie

I think that Seamus wakes up at night, asking for the breast and the extra physical contact with you, simply because of his actual age. He experiences many different things during a day now, which make him dream more often than was previously the case. He needs the breastfeed to settle and go back to sleep, and this is quite all right.

It does not seem to affect his food intake and it sounds as if he is thriving just fine. I do understand that you feel a little exhausted, and I recommend that you start changing his sleeping position offering him a caressing and calming hand to see whether he goes back to sleep - should this not be the case, then you may offer him a short breast feed - let him not have too much milk since you eventually have to cut out the night feed.

To me it also seems as if your are going through a phase right now, and it is quite all right and quite common. Just make sure that you do not increase the breastfeeding. I am sure that the phase will eventually pass without any problems.

I hope this is helpful:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen