I still produce Milk
6 mo.
I still produce Milk
Hi Helen

My son is 6 months old and I have stopped breastfeeding him some weeks ago after a period of weaning him off - since we started on grul, he simply does not want the breast anymore. I do not mind, and he is thriving from the bottle.

This morning I expressed almost 50 ml of milk by hand, my breast was simply leaking milk, I just had to rub gently and the milk nearly spurted out? While breastfeeding I often had to express milk using a breast pump.

It has now been 18 days since I stopped breastfeeding, and before that I had cut back on the feeds to only 1-2 breast feeds a day.

Can you explain why I have started to produce milk again?


Helen Hansen

Dear Mia

I do understand that you find it tiresome that you have started to produce milk again ...:o)

If often takes some time for the breast to down-regulate the milk production. Some women experience that they are able to squeeze out some milk from the nipple in months after they stopped breastfeeding.

If you have experienced that the milk production has decreased considerably and then suddenly increases again, it may be due to the fact that your breast has been stimulated to produce milk, i.e. a breast touch, by yourself in connection with the morning shower, or by your husband if you have had sex.

In other words, it is quite normal that you continue to produce milk although you have stopped breastfeeding. If you want to bring the milk production to a complete stop, it is important that you (or others) do not touch your breasts, it often helps wearing a tight bra.

Your GP may also prescribe a medication that helps stop the milk production:o)

I wish you the best of luck:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen