Breastfeeding - for how long?
9 mo.
Breastfeeding - for how long?
Hi Helen

I would like to know for how long I should continue to breastfeed my daughter soon to be 10 months old (was born 1 month premature).

She eats solids and drinks well during the day, and I hardly breastfeed her at night anymore - however, she needs a breast feed every once in a while :o)

Can I continue to breastfeed her as long as her daily food intake is mainly from solids?

Regards Heidi

Helen Hansen

Dear Heidi

It is quite all right to breastfeed you daughter as long as she likes and you both enjoy it.

Should you continue to breastfeed her after the first year, experience shows that it is often the mother who has to decide when to bring the breastfeeding to a complete stop. Be sure that the breastfeeding does not affect your daughter's intake of milk, i.e. do not breastfeed your daughter more than once, twice at the maximum, a day after the first year. This way you may offer your daughter a breast feed in the evening just before you settle her for the night as long as you like.

WHO recommends breastfeeding preferably until the child is 2 years old, which has a positive effect on the prevention of cancer of the breast. The risk of getting cancer of the breast is reduced the longer you breastfeed.

In Denmark, it is a general opinion that a woman's breast are an essential part of our sexuality, which is why many women would prefere not to breastfeed a child beyond 1 - 1 1/2 years. Is is quite all right to breastfeed a baby, however, when the child will take your hand and lead you to your bed in order to get a breast feed, it has gone beyond normal limits.

I hope this is helpful:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen