Solids - Will only eat Rice Cereal
6 mo.
Solids - Will only eat Rice Cereal
Hi Helen

Anabel is 6 months old, has two cereal meals a day, i.e. at noon at for dinner, together with a cup of water. The problem is that she only wants to eat Rice Cereal and nothing else. I have tried to offer her different kinds of cereal, potato purée with carrots too, but she refuses to eat it. I do not know what to do, now that she is soon to have 3 solids a day ...

She likes water very much, however, I would like to know how much eater she needs. She drinks approx. 1 dl of water at each feed, do I need to offer her water between meals?

Thank you in advance for your adivce.

Best regards and Merry Christmas


Helen Hansen

Dear Charlotte

In fact, rice cereal is really good to use as the basic cereal meal.

Try to use some carrot or pea purée as topping on the rice cereal, this way you may be able little by little to introduce vegetable purée. If your daughter prefers the sweet taste, I suggest to prepare the vegetable purée based on sweet vegetables, i.e. sweet potatoes, carrots, Jerusalem artichokes, peas or similar. Boiled parsnip, Hamburg parsley and celeriac get a sweet taste.

In order to give the food a little structure you can mix some oatmeal ceral in the rice cereal.

Apart from this I recommend that you start to offer your daughter some finger food for her to suck on, e.g. toast rye bread sticks, potato sticks, boil cauliflower or broccoli and similar, this way she will get used to the taste, and she will probably like to eat without any help from you :o)

It is quite all right to let her drink water for all her meals, but see to it that she drinks enough milk in order to cover her milk intake, which is still very high. Offer her water when she is thirsty ...

I hope this is helpful. Merry Christmas :o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen