Birth Control Pill and Pregnancy
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Birth Control Pill and Pregnancy
Hi Helen

Would a pregnancy test demonstrate that I am pregnant should I still be on the pill - or would the test not be accurate due to the pill's artificial hormones?

The thing is that I often miss the pill. Should I get pregnant still being on the pill, how would it affect the foetues if I continue to take the pill?


Helen Hansen


I am afraid that you ask me a rather medical question, and I recommend that you consult your GP, an obstetrician or a gynaecologist.

Should you get pregnant on the pill, an ultrasound will establish how advance the pregnancy is. Depending on which type of birth control pill you use, you may be offered an examination of the baby too. The use of birth control pills during pregnancy is contraindicated, and the risk of congenital deformity may be present.

However, I have met families where the women, who got pregnant on the pill, and did not face any problems during pregnancy at all, and gave birth to healthy and big babies ...

Having your period is usually a sign that you are not pregnant. However, some women experience spotting during the first months of pregnancy at the time of the month where the period usually comes - this could of course also be the case should you be pregnant and still being on the pill.

The best contraception is to take the birth control pill according to the prescription, or to have a contraceptive coil or similar.

I hope this is helpful, otherwise I suggest you consult your GP:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen