My Son refuses Breastfeeding
3 mo.
My Son refuses Breastfeeding
Hi Helen

Rasmus is 3 months and 1 week old, he has become quite active and babbles a lot, all in all a thriving baby. He weighs 5.6 kg (weight at birth 3366 g).

Until now he has had a firm feeding routine, i.e. breastfeeding every 3 hours, eating abundantly at each feed.

Then he started to become very restless while breastfeeding, and it is obvious that he is easy to distract during a feed. We have not succeeded in giving him in between feeds, as recommended by you previously.

He sometimes refuses the breast after a short while, screaming and crying. He does not want to eat until at next feed, i.e. afater 3 hours.

He does not seem to be very hungry. Should I worry?

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Dear Lene

The reason may be that the milk production has increased, now that you have been through a period where you have offered your son more frequent and shorter feeds?

This means that your son gets the same quantity of milk faster than he used to, and as he has become older and stronger he is able to create a better vacuum when he sucks milk from your breast. As he is thriving and gaining weight, I suggest that you stick to the feeding routine you have already established, i.e. offer your son a breastfeed approx. every 3 hours when he seems hungry, and then you have to believe that he is able to regulate his milk intake himself.

Should he on the other hand seem to be distracted during the day feeds I suggest that you breastfeed him in your bedroom. Draw the curtains, open the windows to allow the fresh an cool air to come inside, and breastfeed him while you lie down. He will probably eat a little more, and you will both enjoy:o)

I hope this is helpful and I wish you and your son the best of luck:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen