Teeth Grinding
9 mo.
Teeth Grinding
Hi Helen

My 9 months old daughter has just cut 4 new teeth - 2 lower and 2 upper teeth:o)

The problem is that she has now started to grind her teeth. What can we do to distract her attention.

Would teeth grinding harm her new teeth?

Regards Heidi

Helen Hansen

Dear Heidi

Teeth grinding is quite normal for babies during the time when they cut teeth, and occur when they are awake as well as in their sleep. It may be intolerable for you to listen to, but it does not affect your baby.

Most babies eventually outgrow the problem. However, try to distract her attention by offering her the dummy or a piece of cucumber, a carrot, bread crusts or similar to bite on.

Should your daughter's teeth grinding continue, however, there is a risk that her teeth might be damaged - then it is time to have his teeth grinding professionally checked. Teeth grinding is usually just a short period when more teeth erupt, and for your daughter it is quite a new feeling and a new sound and therefore great fun!

I wish you and your daughter the best of luck - have a nice weekend:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen